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DJ Fly-D
All about DJ Fly D

Vladimir Lali alias Fly-D is a young and talented DJ & Producer with lots of potential in DJ's world.

His DJ's journey towards playing on the famous swiss stages was not always easy but rather twisty.

Everything had started when he moved from Slovakia to Switzerland at the age of 11.
He discovered his talent when he was entertaining his school mates and mixing songs at school parties when he was only 12 years old.

The first idea of becoming a DJ sprouted in his mind when he saw the famous DJ S)killz in real.
Full of motivation, he bought a second phone in order to learn how to mix music thanks to youtube videos.

He had to face lots of discouragement and hate from school, since school was not his priority.
Teachers did not believe in him and pushed him to focus on school saying: you wont get any further with playing music anyways.

Nevertheless, Vladi did not let teachers 'opinions' destroy his dream, so he continued to work hard and learn new skills.

The first fruits of hard work were reaped when he was only 15 years old and got invited to play on one of the swiss most famous festivals: Streetparade.

From that moment on, everything has changed.
Suddenly people saw his talent and passion for music and began to invite him to play at private and small parties.
The best highlight was the opportunity to regularly play and work at newly opened New Goggeien Disco Club at Flumserberg.

However as his DJ journey sky-rocketed, his school and apprenticeship went the opposite direction.
Many complaints from school and work put lots of stress and pressure on him, causing his parents to argue with him.

That way, Vladi's unstoppable persistance and determination opened doors to even more events and parties such as St.
Gallen B9, Old Capital Bern, Sektor 11 Zuerich and many more.

He managed to record some of his own tracks such as Art of voice, Makuta, Anoma, Sword or the The business remix.
Vladi experiences the feeling of accomplishment and rewards thanks to not giving up.
At the age of 19 he decided to collect his experience, take on a challenge and organize a big spring festival called Wild Heartz..

"The dream seems to be real. You wa ke up and don't know what to believe?
Keep dreaming it. But in reality!"

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DJ Fly-D

All about Fly-D

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